Brands should last a long time

We create brands to last a long time. Like the best wines, time is essential in the construction of a brand. 


However, the time factor doesn’t work just like that. It has to be accompanied by certain criteria. In Ideograma we call them the three Cs: consistency, congruency and creativity.

Why do we put consistency first? Because repeating the core issues in the correct way is what guarantees our audiences engaging with our messages. In addition, how they learn to associate them with our brand. Internally, it’s normal to have the feeling that our materials are boring because we get fed up with seeing them all the time. For example, corporate colors, but our audiences have much fewer points of contact with our communications, or “moments of truth”, paraphrasing the brilliant theoretician Jan Carlzon. Consistency guarantees, independent of the frequency of contact, that the the brand is identified and therefore, remembered, without losing its identity. 

Congruency guarantees that the messages are aligned with the character of the brand, as well as the objectives or core communication messages. This alignment is key to ensure that our audiences can “connect the dots”, understand us and figure out every one of our messages, however subtle they may be. 

Creativity is in third place, which might be a surprise. Being creative in excess can put the previous two criteria (consistency and congruency) in jeopardy, but creativity is necessary so that we don’t become monotonous, or disturb our audiences. The big challenge is that we are able to evolve the criteria over time.

We close this reflection with a final point. Be careful not to get bored with your own brand. This is something that happens internally, rather than externally, and we must never let ourselves be sucked into following fashion or aesthetic trends, just because.