From a pencil stroke to an identity

You start on a new project. You’ve got all the information on the client, all the details about who he is, what he does, what he thinks, and thenhow do you start designing? You start to draw, but what gives you the inspiration to draw? How do you cope with the responsibility of designing something that reflects the essence of a company? 

Inspiration comes in all shapes and forms but our practice is to start by drawing on paper. You literally move the pencil at the same time as you think about the company, the stories to be told, its DNA, its future, its history and philosophy, the products and services it offers. This is where its new identity will begin to take shape.   

It would be easy to design just a “pretty” logo but that’s not what we do. In Ideograma we go much further than that, we tell a story through the identity that we create. We build on a base of metaphors and creativity that permit us to give flight to our inspiration as we design. 

Obviously as we start the creative process our inspiration is based on personal experience, our individual tastes, observations, information, etc., but as we proceed it becomes more about teamwork. When any of us gets a creative block it’s really important for us to involve others in the process. Everyone has a different perspective and other ideas so collaboration is extremely important for our designs. 

Innovation and creativity are important factors in the creative process but it is essential to keep in mind all the information relating to the client. After allthere must be a clear link between the final graphic proposal and the essence of the client company. 

The inspiration for good design consists in finding the right balance between the rational and the esthetic, always combining our creative ability with the story behind each project we start. Sketching is just the beginning of a journey towards the creation of an identity that, we hope, will resound, impact and impress.