Bringing brands to life

The process of creating a corporate brand is a fascinating trip to the heart of an organization. It’s a challenging journey that starts with the strategic thinking and planning of a company. It must be understood as an experience that permits the telling of a consistent story to target audiences, repeatedly and over time.  

It’s easy and natural for us to use our imagination and creativity but we need considerable technical knowhow to bolster talent. Let’s not forget that essentially it’s about building a prototype that demands strong doses of understanding and patience: it involves intensive testing, changes and periodic adjustments during the process to ensure a well-defined but broad identity that may resist the test of time. 

Implementing a new identity is always a different experience, even though each has similar elements. Every identity shares the need for a distinct visual narrative, the careful creation of graphic guidelines, the development of applications and the creation of finished files that document the project and serve as reference points. 

To achieve the desired results you have to be able to count on the support of a good multi-disciplined group with proven experience in the area of brand implementation. For example, a team of graphic, digital and industrial designers, interior designers, specialists in prepress, communicators, publicists, etc. All of them share something in common: they are people who have great aesthetic sensitivity, an eye for detail, are always inquisitive and ready to discover new directions with brands. 

All this effort would be in vain if, when a brand is launched, the hard work of implementing it is not taken into consideration. It’s the “moment of truth” when a brand is launched into the world. We are in a privileged position to witness its birth, its development and it’s growth. During this time we have to be very vigilant as the brand evolves, to make sure it’s well nourished, moving in the right direction, adjusting it slightly in the process perhaps and trusting that it will flourish and bear fruit.  

Sembremos juntos. 

*Aunque es más común utilizar implementar, en Ideograma preferimos usar implantar porque incorpora significados adicionales a “poner en funcionamiento algo”. Implantar es, también, injertar o plantar. Implantar una marca es, entonces, darle forma, sentido y vida.