A gold chain is the brand for leading watch and jewellery retailer Ultrajewels, linked to sister company Ultrafemme.

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Ultrajewels is committed not only to offering its customers the finest selection of jewellery and world renowned brands of watches but also to giving personalized attention to every customer, creating an unforgettable purchasing experience. 

From the beginning the founders looked to create the perfect space in which to show off their extensive collection of major world renowned luxury brands. Between the two sister brands Ultrajewels and Ultrafemme, as well as the boutique mall Luxury Avenue, the group now has more than 600 professional employees and 28 stores.

A common link was their prefix “Ultra” so the graphic solution reinforces this connection while at the same time giving both companies a distinct personality, in order for them to engage with their different audiences.

For these reasons we created an identity that represents the delicate fine links of jewellery, the precision of watches and the warmth of personal attention, all part of a unique environment of luxury.