Leading perfume retailer Ultrafemme is represented by a soft feminine, fragrant ribbon, creating an echo of the identity of sister brand Ultrajewels.

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During the four decades of its existence Ultrafemme has become known for its specialization in perfumes and is today the leading retail brand in the southeast of Mexico, with operations throughout the country.

From the beginning the founders looked to create the perfect space in which to show off their extensive collection of major world renowned luxury brands. Between the two sister brands Ultrafemme and Ultrajewels, as well as the boutique mall Luxury Avenue, the group now has more than 600 professional employees and 28 stores.

A common link was their prefix “Ultra” so the graphic solution reinforces this connection while at the same time giving both companies a distinct personality, in order for them to engage with their different audiences.

So we decided that the identity for this consumer brand so oriented to service and personalized attention should best be represented by a soft, feminine, fragrant ribbon, an ideal way of representing the ethereal aromas.