A friendly little robot dog is man´s best friend and guards your house; he is a technological device and always at your service.

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Intec is well known for its interphone and alarm systems in Mexico. In 2010, while we renewed their identity the company renewed its products. Intec’s technology aims to provide better communication and greater protection of the home through intelligent design.

Intec’s products adapt to the necessities of modern life. They incorporate the latest in technological communications networks while creating original contemporary designs.

We created a friendly little robot dog called Bot, a perfect ambassador for this company, as he expresses all the best qualities of a pet: intelligent, loyal, vigilant, unquestioning, trustworthy, cheerful, protecting… The identity, somewhat limited in the palette of colour available, features rounded corners, an echo of the products’ industrial design, and its simplicity is designed to achieve a friendly form of communication with the consumer. 

Bot was chosen as a metaphor to tell the story of the company and its products. He represents the perfect fusion of the qualities of man’s best friend and home protection technology.