A name that is a universal way of starting a conversation with someone, in this case using digital language.

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With its mission to “develop business communications” this company known before as Sistemas Digitales en Telecomunicaciones, is a leading Mexican consultant in solutions and advanced applications in telecommunications, for the optimization of business processes. They work closely with Cisco, Avaya EmC2, VMWare, SAP and Microsoft. 

Both the name and identity that Sistemas Digitales had were ambiguous and did not represent their actual situation or the scope of its business. In 2012 we changed the name to h01a which means hello in English, a salutation which, in this case, uses the binary numbers 0 and 1 to replace the letters o and l, in recognition of the digital nature of this business.

This identity is simple, friendly and welcoming; it is a dialogue connecting the analogic with the digital, and a creative idea that links the consultancy to communications technology. The chromatic palette is appropriate and definitely a factor in distinguishing this company, without compromising corporate professionalism.