The Salinas Group launches baz, a brand that has everything you need from logistics, to payments, entertainment and communication.

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This branding project is unprecedented in the Mexican market. baz is a brand that breaks paradigms in the way we use money, how we connect to each other, how we buy and consume content. 

The name was the first step, created by the Salinas Group, our client. “baz” sounds phonetically the same as “vas” in Spanish, from the verb “to go”.  It indicates action, it is an invitation to “go”, it is a nudge to get you going. It’s synonymous with go for it, dare to try it, do it. 

We carried out research and created a benchmark of the most successful super App brands in the world. The resulting insights enabled us to define the essence of the brand as a paradigm breaker. For audiences, the relevance of the brand is that it transforms their lives with its multiple capacities. It is different from other similar brands because the platform has been designed by Mexicans, for Mexicans, who share the same reality. 

baz is all about backing our capacity and desire for bettering ourselves, changing our lives and living better. It empowers us because we know we can do anything we want. So, “doing anything” is the brand idea that supports the decisions and the criteria of the brand itself. 

Our Mexican roots which link us all is the concept that inspired the design of the symbol. It is a spinning top which turns on its axel to maintain its balance. It’s like an eye, a port of entry to our senses. We are spun around and transported to the world of baz. In particular it reveals the personality of the brand: baz is Mexican, super capable, vibrant, different, brave, trustworthy, fun, friendly and helpful. 

Our surroundings were the inspiration for the color palette. Green is the color of hope; the magenta and purple colors reflect humanity, they are warm, vibrant colors that are found in every corner of our country. A bit like the Mexican flag, but with more vivid greens and, instead of red, we have magenta and purple, tones that are frequently used in our architecture, arts and crafts.

What we really wanted to reveal is a disruptive and innovative brand, with the desire to do things differently. baz believes that, like all Mexicans, we can do anything and everything.