Un Kilo de Ayuda

A new identity for pioneering Mexican charity Un Kilo de Ayuda, emphasizing the kilos of help for children in Mexico

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Un Kilo de Ayuda (in English, A Kilo of Help) came into being in 1985 with the launch of a food aid programme. It soon began to focus its efforts on obtaining funds for food to help the most vulnerable children in Mexico, making early childhood development their raison d’être.

As the association evolved it not only helped children through nutrition and providing food but also undertook to help with early and full development. They took care to include physical and psycho-affective aspects as well as involving mothers, families and the community.

Their strong link to children, as well as the donation cards at point-of-sale in supermarkets, has made Un Kilo de Ayuda a well known brand, recognized by three out of every four Mexicans. 

After three decades dedicated to helping Mexican children, Un Kilo de Ayuda questioned its brand with particular reference to its three major audiences: beneficiaries, donors and allied institutions. Ideograma took on the project with this in mind: to demystify the perception that Un Kilo de Ayuda is only concerned with procuring food, advising nutrition and distributing food aid - which it is, but it’s also much more than that. The brand needed to become as relevant as its cause. 

Through extensive exercises of reflection working side by side with the directors, Ideograma came up with a key concept: Un Kilo de Ayuda rekindles hope, making this the principal idea behind the brand and also its tagline. Un Kilo de Ayuda ignites hope in mothers, shedding light on parenting; in its allies, through synergistic collaboration; in each donor, from the call to action to measurable results; and in the children, giving them the tools for becoming who they are destined to be. 

As the symbol of the new identity Ideograma designed the figure of a child incorporating the vital aspects needed for full development, using geometric shapes/pieces in vibrant colours. It is such a vital child that we see him taking a confident step forward. The pieces also form a bright star that ignites hope in everyone.  

The font FF Mark (created in Germany by Hannes von Döhren and Christoph Koeberlin in 2013) has geometric tones similar to the symbol. Ideograma defined four criteria for the photographic style of the brand: close ups of human faces, especially happy, healthy children; occasions that communicate vitality and fulfilment; backgrounds of yellow tones behind the person depicted to give consistency to the applications; and finally, photographs that portray hope, synergy, innovation and transformation.

One of the most important elements of the brand is the colour yellow. Ideograma maintained this corporate colour by renewing it, and combining it with other primary colours to communicate vitality and simplicity. It is, without doubt, a range of colours that communicates childhood. 

The visual language was developed based on the pieces that form the symbol, enlarging them to be used as containers or as blocks of colour, or turning them into windows through which we witness the early and complete development of the most vulnerable children in Mexico.

Through its new identity Un Kilo de Ayuda emphasizes the responsibility we all have to ignite hope in children, as well as in their families. They are, after all, the very people who will transform the country in the future.