A new corporate identity reflects the evolution of Monex as a portal that connects businesses to global reality

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The Monex success story is unlike any other in the Mexican financial system. Starting out in 1985 as Divisas Monex (foreign exchange) it is today a financial group that has multiplied its capital four times. It is a powerhouse with a stock exchange, a bank, and has international subsidiaries located in the principal financial centers of the world. Monex is the industry leader. 

The last decade has seen Monex slowly but surely moving on from currency exchange to a strategy based on diversification. It has evolved from offering a single product to offering multiple services; from being a company to becoming a financial group; from forming a Mexican company to establishing itself as a global organization. 

Although Monex has been efficient at communicating this transformation, its historical position in the market inadvertently positioned it as a bank specialized in payments rather than extolling its international presence and specialization in business strategy for business people. 

This was the reason we sat down not just with the founder and CEO, local and international directors, but also with a diverse group of staff, in order to understand the company DNA, its evolution and Monex’ actual position in the global financial system. 

In essence, Monex is all about agility and specialization in business growth. Its point of difference is its solid leadership in international trade flows and business acumen. Its relevance is that of an effective promotor of the generation of wealth. Based on these concepts Ideograma found that Monex has - right from its beginnings - created “bridges of value”, connecting clients and their businesses, staff, allies, governments and financial markets with the rest of the world. 

We were inspired by this brand story to come up with the new identity for Monex. We took the emblematic “O” of the name and transformed it into a portal, a point of access, or eyehole, through which transactions take place. 

We chose the Raleway typeface (designed by Matt MacInerney, and improved later by Pablo Impallari and Rodrigo Fuenzalida) with its universal, modern and sophisticated feel, which perfectly reflects Monex’ presence, vision and business flair. 

The colour palette transforms the traditional shades of blue that Monex has always used, and features tones that are more modern and dynamic. The new photographic style reinforces three key concepts taken from the brand narrative: the bridge linking plans and realities, business objectives and growth; the value of relationships and the talent of people linked to Monex;  and the dynamism reflected in the diversity of solutions designed to bring clients and their objectives closer together with greater speed and more agility.  

This new corporate identity positions Monex as the link bridging geographical distances, closing cultural gaps and welcoming technological change. No longer short sighted Monex uses its portal to seek out the best opportunities and to propose dynamic solutions in a sector that really needs it. However, the most important thing about this evolution is that it enables staff and clients, businesses and business people - empowered with accurate and transparent financial information acquired from Monex - to generate real wealth, by connecting their value with the world.