A new identity for Mexican startup specialized in ecotourism and giving new meaning to discovering the four corners of Mexico

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Rutopía works to connect rural communities around the country with travellers who wish to enjoy authentic experiences. Known as the “Mexican eco version of Airbnb” Rutopía has already been awarded the prestigious Hult Prize. Their aim also is to provide work and create income for their rural Mexican hosts.

The company is giving new meaning to the idea of adventuring deep into Mexico at its most natural, and approached Ideograma to create their new identity. The challenge was to make the startup a serious organization that looks to transform the way we travel.

The new identity emphasizes Rutopía’s community character, its inclusive and plural philosophy, and is based on a simple concept: “connect our essence”.

From the graphic point of view the mark is a circle that evokes the concept of connection and simplicity. This new identity is a logotype that represents the path towards our origin, to nature. 

The principal typography is “Confitería” (designed by Julieta Ulanovsky of Sudtipos) selected by Ideograma because of its contemporary feel and style. The second is “Monterrat”, from the same designer, a perfect sans serif typeface to be used in texts. 

A key element in the communication of brands in the tourist industry is the photographic style. In this brand redesign Rutopía takes rural landscapes and transforms them into idyllic illustrations that transcend the way we see nature.