At the forefront of education, the Kipling school - located in the state of Mexico - invigorates its evolution with new branding

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Encouraged not only by the school’s genuine vocation for teaching and learning but also the parents association, the Kipling school has united children, youngsters, teachers and parents in an environment dedicated to education, for five decades. The objective has always been to form healthy, complete and responsible young people who will create a positive impact on society.  

Remaining faithful to its DNA and founding principles Kipling decided to renew its brand with the objective of maintaining its relevance and importance for future generations.

Ideograma created Kipling’s new identity using as inspiration the idea of “transcending as a family”. It reinforces the Kipling spirit which motivates parents and children, teachers and administration staff, directors and founders to push themselves beyond their own limits, and to live always guided by the legacy of the school, based on values, trust and a sense of unity created by being part of a great family of families. 

The signature is composed of the letter “K”, a sort of “tangrami”, or a cross between a tangram and origami. Every piece and colour is reflected through the interplay of different forms, turning them into a union of distinct but complementary perspectives, elements and members representing the Kipling family

Ideograma maintained the historic colour red from the previous identity as an element that honours previous generations that have passed through the school. 

The font FF Mark was chosen for its geometric nature and for having been created with the intention of mixing tradition with modernity in a more contemporary style. 

The elements of tangrami come to life through the visual language in a fun way, so that they move and change places to create multiple communication pieces. The vibrant and contrasting colours of the signature serve as elements of identification for the different educational grades in the school.

Kipling fulfils its promise of transcending with a brand that communicates leading-edge education, guarantees academic excellence, creates values and instills a strong sense of family, to form complete and responsible young people who respond with confidence to the challenges and obstacles of the future.