A new identity for the company aiming to promote clients’ brands to the maximum.

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Steel Signs is a Mexican company that has for years been the largest specialist manufacturer of company signs to promote leading brands throughout the country. 

The result of a strategic fusion between two companies (Anuncios Modernos and Forza Visuale), Steel Signs aims to achieve its principal objective: to inaugurate the biggest, most advanced and specialized company sign manufacturing plant in Latin America.

So Ideograma created a name and identity for this new company, with the objective of enhancing its operation with its numerous clients. Áximo comes from the word “máximo” in Spanish, which means “maximum” or “highest” in English. It is a name which reflects the idea of achieving the highest level of value and visibility for its clients’ brands.

Ideograma designed an identity inspired by the elements that Áximo uses to create the largest signs: light and dark, projection and grandeur. The brand has two different colour versions: red, that represents day time signs, and blue, that refers to the signs that are lit up at night. These two principal colours were selected based on the corporate colours used historically by the two companies before their fusion. 

The font known as Zico Sans was selected for its straight and geometric lines, and particularly for its legibility, so important for any company sign.

The graphic language gives depth to the identity; when the signature is used on a red background it is accompanied by a shadow. On the blue background the shadow becomes a source of white light, similar to that used for signs. The colours complement each other; they are dark and light, night and day, they represent the company’s dual expertise in production and marketing.

With this new identity Áximo is strongly positioned to reach new consumers on behalf of their clients, whose brands will achieve maximum presence and high recognition throughout Mexico.