A new brand that reveals the potential of the leading metallurgy group in Mexico

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Grupo Quimmco is a well established family business. Over three decades it has become one of the most important industrial manufacturers in the north of Mexico. A recent strategic decision has resulted in the fusion of the various companies of their metallurgy division into one brand which will catapult them into becoming the undisputed leaders of the region. 

This is how Questum came into being. The brand’s strategic plan benefits the sales model as it becomes more efficient and the corporate culture as it becomes more unified.

The identity was based on the concept of potentiality and how it leads to union. This concept is the basis of all the elements of the new brand, from the slogan: United to deliver value, to the name Questum, which we created, showing its important link to the Quimmco family. It is a name that is derived from “quest”. In other words, the idea of constantly looking to improve, to innovate and create new challenges.

The signature is composed of a symbol, a capital letter Q in two parts. One is a small rectangular form and the other a larger circle, the former fitting into the latter perfectly. It represents integration as well as the precision and the synergy of the company’s activity.

Our team wanted the identity to reflect the ability of Quimmco to bring about unification through the integration of the division. The concerted efforts of Questum enable the integration of vehicle parts for the final on-road product. The corporate typeface that we selected is Averta, a geometric sans serif family designed by Kostas Bartsokas. It has geometric rounds and open apertures which makes it the perfect choice.

The visual language that we developed for this brand is based on the concept of the components: “the piece that complements”, with a mixture of super graphics and photographic styles that go from big close ups that show the precision of the work, to shots of sparks, explosions and stars that offer a metaphor for the potential that we detonate. The new identity uses Quimmco’s corporate colors, as a reminder of the Group’s legacy and their unified vision of the future.

Questum is a robust brand with a great future, offering high capacity integrated solutions as the leader of the metallurgy sector in Mexico.