Fundación Dondé

A box that holds jewellery safe is also a book that shines with knowledge, in the name of education for children in Mexico.

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Since 1905 the Rafael Dondé Foundation in Mexico has supported the education of thousands of children from low income families. To support this initiative and to allow it to continue its valuable work the Foundation began operating pawn shops in 1994. Today, they are the second most important pawn business in Mexico. 

We developed a positioning statement based on the concept of resilience. In other words, the capacity of each person to recognize his/her own value and transcend adverse circumstances. Fundación Dondé appreciates the value of every child and seeks to promote his self-esteem, to recognize the effort he makes to improve his life.

The symbol in this marque permits a double reading: it is an open book whose pages are illuminated by knowledge, and also a jewellery box shining with valuable objects. Together they form a shield which refers to the strong support given by the Foundation to take care of the objects made over to them and to work to strengthen the resilience of the communities. The colours in this identity evoke hope and an opportunity for a better tomorrow.