Galicia Abogados

A new corporate identity for this leading firm of lawyers marking 25 years creating the best deals for their clients.

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Galicia Abogados is an international Mexican law firm, known for its best practices and corporate law expertise, specialised in assessing companies to arrive at the best business decisions. For over two decades the firm has based its reputation on the attraction, development and retention of the best talent available. It has developed a pro-client culture and a multi-disciplined specialisation focussed on profitability. 

Reaching 25 years is an important milestone for Galicia Abogados. It is the perfect opportunity to renew its brand and create a new communication strategy. With this in mind, Ideograma approached the project from a strategic vision point of view, that lead to discovering and understanding the essence of the firm in its totality. The key is the talent of the 28 partners and more than 200 associates, advisers and collaborators who consciously desire to always become better at what they do, both internally and in their dealings with the clients. 

During this process it became clear that Galicia is not just a firm of lawyers but more a “people business”. Everyone wants to be a better lawyer, or a better professional (better prepared, trained, etc.) and, at the same time, more human, friendly and assertive. This is how the best deals are achieved for their clients, and for society. 

Based on this idea Ideograma developed Galicia’s new identity centered on the concept of “better people, better deals”, leading to the slogan “Better deals”. Graphically, the name “Galicia” is a logotype, in the classical but contemporary William Text Pro typeface from Typotheque. In addition, the word “abogados” features the typeface Signerica (Måns Grebäck) to evoke the dynamic human aspect. Signerica, a handwritten script font, evokes the longhand element of all legal documents.

The visual narrative responds to both typefaces: one that emphasizes the professional, assertive, legal mind and, the other, the more human element, key to Galicia’s success. For texts, Ideograma chose a third typeface, Fedra Sans (Typotheque), a very elegant and simple font.

This identity expresses warmth, professionalism and elegance through its colours of yellow, black, white and grey, tones that make Galicia stand out in relation to the competition both at home and abroad. The photographic style emphasises the human aspect and the synergy between the elements.

For the lawyers at Galicia collaboration is the key to their success. On its 25th anniversary Galicia Abogados reconfirms its leading profile with a new corporate identity. From its beginnings the firm has always tried to “be better”; this has been their guiding principle and commitment to themselves, as well as their clients and society.