Compartamos Banco (refresh)

The leading microfinance bank of Mexico evolves for the benefit of clients and the changing financial sector

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The microfinance sector in Mexico has changed considerably since Ideograma first created the identity for Compartamos Bank, more than 10 years ago. As leader of the sector and with a paradigm breaking brand that is today highly recognised, the bank is known as the “banco de peces” (“school of fish” in English) featuring a predominant magenta colour. 

However, the growing number of “me toos” who copy Compartamos with similar services, brand characteristics, colours and names, made it necessary for the company to swim against the current and find its place as leader once more. 

Compartamos Bank asked Ideograma to renew the brand responding to two specific objectives: provide clear and simple guidelines for the development of graphic communications materials and, secondly, to communicate in an orderly fashion the extensive range of products that the Bank now offers. 

Ideograma proposed eliminating the italics from the word “banco” in order to give the word more importance and legibility, especially when presented on branch facades. We restricted the use of the Amor typeface to the logo making it more impactful and introduced the Bree typeface for all communications materials. We also reduced the number of fish, re-accommodating them to simplify and strengthen the impact of the logo. We updated the visual narrative system with new photographic and illustrative styles. We redrew the grid and the system of colour blocks so characteristic of the brand, and we redefined guidelines for the use of typefaces, colours, images and illustrations. This was necessary in order to clarify and order the three product categories (Credit, Savings and Insurance), as well as sub products. 

The new identity guidelines have been implemented in all areas giving the brand clarity of expression and order, achieving a high level of differentiation for this leader of a financial sector that is one of the most competitive in Mexico.