Mumedi, the Design Embassy

Mumedi renews its corporate identity and reclaims its place as the Design Embassy nationwide, and internationally.

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Since 2002 the Mexican Design Museum, known as Mumedi, was seen both inside and outside Mexico as the space dedicated to design. Since then its purpose has been to bring the best and most interesting work of both designers and artists to grace its walls.

Mumedi is much more than the work it exhibits: a colonial building with interesting spaces to discover, surprising objects to be found on sale, delicious food to eat and even, more recently, stunning rooms which form part of the exclusive MUMEDI hotel. For all these reasons a new identity was required which needed to reflect not just the history of the place but also its true vocation. 

Mumedi has always been regarded as a bridge between design and designers as well as other people who regard design of interest. Its visitors appreciate Mexican talent and also designers from other countries; this was the concept behind the new identity, the idea of an “embassy of design”. An Embassy that does not just represent design but is also a space dedicated to eating, purchasing, appreciating, sharing and even dreaming. 

Ideograma proposed removing the capital letters used for the acronym MUMEDI, as derived from its Mexican name:Museo Mexicano del Diseño, used up until now. By replacing it with lower case - Mumedi - the name promises more than just a museum and, at the same time, pays respect to the name that has always been used with such success, known and respected equally by both national and international visitors.

We created a symbol based on heraldry and framed by a shield that reflects the authority of an Embassy. Not only that but it echoes the architecture of the colonial building that is the home of Mumedi. Inside the shield are a pencil, symbol of creativity; a cup of coffee; the turned down corner of a sheet; the pixels that represent the digital world; a glass of wine seen from above; the pictures from an exhibition. The different ideas form the letters M u m e d i.