Ya Vas

A brand and name created for a new player in the all inclusive holidays sector, Ya Vas, launched by Volaris in Mexico

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Volaris revolutionized low cost flying in Mexico. Its strong positioning converted its website into the first place where people automatically look for travel offers on internet. 

Ya Vas, a sub brand, was created to offer something more to visitors to the webpage: all inclusive package holidays. Ya Vas offers flights to a wide variety of destinations and also promises customers a variety of accommodation options offering a complete and unique experience. Not only that, but Ya Vas also offers various transport options, really accessible prices and a highly efficient service via a dedicated call center to answer any enquiry or solve any problem. 

When we were designing the identity we took as our starting point the concept “extraordinary experiences that everyone deserves”.  We were aiming to create a brand that lived up to its promise: the complete experience of not just a flight but a whole trip, the unique options of a package holiday different from any competitor, and the realization that, as a nation, we work very hard and so we very much deserve a rest and a holiday. 

The name “Ya Vas” (a common phrase used in Mexico that loosely stands for: off you go) is an invitation to drop what you’re doing, go somewhere new, change your routine, leave your comfort zone and go somewhere that you totally deserve. The symbol in the identity is a person leaping out towards adventure and fun. 

The visual language uses a palette of colour that is similar to that of Volaris but different enough to be independent, with bright vivid colours that give Ya Vas its own personality. The photographic style features the traveller’s experience, rather than the destination. We also designed different illustrative styles, creating a more original experience on the website mixing drawings with images, and also giving life to the symbol, the person created using the letters Y and A, showing it in different postures and movements depending on the messages to convey. 

With the slogan “Off to where?” Ya Vas dares us to enjoy a trip full of endless possibilities, to relax, recharge batteries and create memorable experiences.