A new corporate identity for the alliance that challenges traditional teaching methods of K12 education in Mexico

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Merited is the new alliance of private schools that works towards transforming education in Mexico. Its aim is to see students who do well, parents who feel vindicated on seeing their children do well, teachers and staff who want to leave a mark while improving their skills, and school owners who are satisfied to see their schools excell as part of the alliance. 

After a complex strategic process during which we studied every angle of the project, identifying key audiences and analysing similar initiatives around the world, Ideograma created a positioning statement: “linked to transform”. It’s through the alliance that education will receive the support it needs to achieve its potential and to create the community that sustains this initiative. 

The name Merited is a fusion of “merit” and “education”; it refers to the standard of education that the country merits. The symbol is an M with ascending characteristics, it evokes the steps to follow to transform K-12 education in Mexico. The symbol also reminds us of an Olympic podium, for complete achievers.

The visual language is modular and shows the links between parents, students and teachers, as well as between each of the individual schools that form the alliance.

The colours were selected to differentiate between the different school grades that go to make up K-12: green for kindergarten, blue for primary school, red for secondary and purple for high school. 

Under the tagline “United to transform education” Merited invites everyone involved in private education in Mexico to join, to take part in the effort to transform education in this country.