Inland Revenue Service

To encourage tax collection was the inspiration behind the new positioning statement and corporate identity of the Dominican Internal Revenue Service.

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Under new management, the Dominican Internal Revenue Service (known as DGII) wanted to show how this important institution is being transformed.
The DGII set out to be the example in Latin America for the collection of taxes. As a synonym for economic growth for both the institution and for the country the DGII introduced four initiatives: update and upgrade all their systems and processes; introduce new technology; provide a conscientious service to the taxpayers; and invest in training their staff.
The identity created by Ideograma is based on the concept “contributions that enable”. This is not just about making contributions but also about supporting a greater cause. Enabling refers to making something possible, in this case the way forward towards a better life, not just for the taxpayers but also for the country.
An ascending spiral (or staircase) made up of the letter “i” (for Impuestos Internos) reflects the concept of individual contribution. It also evokes a clock that encourages taxpayers to be punctual with their contributions;  it is a reference to the cycle of life and the growth that is possible thanks to the payments. Finally, it is the Dominican sun, a direct reference to the warmth and cheerfulness of the people.
The colours are predominantly green, a colour historically associated with this institution, but also with yellows to reflect the sun, synonymous with prosperity and life.
During autumn of 2018, with the slogan “Your contribution is our principle” Ideograma helped DGII to launch its new identity. A huge event united close to 4,000 workers in the capital of the country; it was an event to honour the citizens and renew the institution’s commitment to making internal revenue an ongoing success story.