A new name and identity to reposition the leading Mexican ICT company not only in Mexico but also Latin America.

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Motivated to help companies grow, and via a well planned acquisition strategy in Latin America, Axity moved from being a niche company to a leader of its category. 

Their expansion in the region, which included employing more than 4,000 people, resulted in the necessity for a new name and identity that would position them as a new, important constellation of companies. 

They needed a brand that represented their strong ties with their key audiences, an identity that communicated their long term vision and the scope of their services (from consultancy to implementation), as well as integrating their services in line with their clients’ business plans. 

Ideograma was invited to create an identity for this group of companies, defining the positioning statement, creating a memorable name, designing a graphic identity as well as developing both visual and verbal narrative. 

The name Axity speaks of direction and significance, of axes and connectivity, of clarity and substantiation, of human values and how innovation impacts in the integration of new technologies. 

The symbol is a celestial sphere that keeps extending; there is no limit to the range of services or the extent of its influence. The connecting points are stars in a constellation of talented people, Axity and their clients. 

The Vita typeface is modern and echoes the visual language. The range of colours are typical of a constellation of digital solutions: red, lilac and purple. 

Axity was successfully launched in 2017 simultaneously in Mexico, Peru, Chile, Argentina and the United States.