Cementos Fortaleza

A name and brand that pay tribute to the product and also to the builders and bricklayers who work tirelessly to build the future.

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Fortaleza is the name of a brand of cement that launched into the Mexican cement industry in 2012 after seven decades without a new player. The challenge for us was to find out how to get through to the buyers of bags of cement, in other words, the builders and bricklayers who had been used to buying the same brand for generations.

We started by sitting down and listening to them. We learnt about their commitment and tenacity. We understood that theirs is one of the hardest professions around and little appreciated by society. Theirs is a risky job, it’s hot working under the fierce sun, and they are usually far from their families but always thinking of how to improve their lives. 

We convinced the company of one central idea: to believe in the strength of the builder and his ability to build a better future. The name Fortaleza means strength, toughness and fortitude in English. It doesn’t just refer to the cement’s resistence or its permanence, or the solidity of a building, but refers rather to the spiritual strength, the strength of character, the vigour and hope with which the builder works and progresses. 

The symbol is a master builder, a homage to the anonymous heroes who build our houses. He wears a red cap and proudly holds a mallet over his shoulder symbolizing the solidity of a well built building. 

The grey green colour refers to the quality cement; it is a colour that helps to distinguish Fortaleza from other brands. We used black to refer to the builder’s strength, the red cap to show human warmth.

The identity has been applied to the corporate offices, the product (sacks) and at point of sale. We also created a geo-localized advertising campaign which is centred on giving voice to the master builders who share their strengths, stories and vision as part of the definition of this brand.