Casa Brugal

With a new positioning statement & logo Casa Brugal is the leading producer of premium rums in the Caribbean, with a portfolio of major premium brands

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A new corporate identity was needed once this leading producer of Dominican rum began to change its vision and business model

For the Dominicans Brugal & Co is synonymous with “rum” and also the “Dominican Republic”. Capitalizing on 130 years of history and experience the company, together with its partner Edrington, has turned its star product - Ron Brugal - into a premium drink. At the same time, the company has incorporated into its portfolio a list of iconic premium international spirits.

This kind of renovation meant that it was necessary to review the company’s name, positioning statement and graphic identity, as well as its brand narrative. The objective was to demonstrate its capacity for producing premium rums as well as establishing itself as the new “casa” where the legacies of the rum industry come together under one roof.  

To do this Ideograma dug deep into the history of this centennial brand. Not only that but we also got to live and experience the warm and friendly Dominican culture, experiencing at first hand the extraordinary sense of belonging and pride that inspires not just Brugal’s collaborators but also their consumers and in fact everything that is Dominican. 

Based on the concept of “premium integration” Ideograma created an identity that reflects a world-class company with a premium and diverse portfolio. 

With the slogan “Great legacies under one roof” the new symbol not only honours Casa Brugal’s legacy, using the silhouette of its emblematic coat of arms, but also evokes a window. Looking inside, we can see the rich history of this centennial company, its distillation and aging processes, the raw ingredients it uses, the portfolio; looking outside, we see new horizons. The symbol is also a container, with tones of colour that speak to us of crystal glasses, of the colour of rum, of Dominican warmth and friendliness, of premium-ness and the rays of the Caribbean sun.

The typeface that we selected, Sectra Fine, is formal and elegant with a contemporary touch, perfect for use on digital platforms. 

Ideograma also developed the strategic communication plan for the launch of this new identity in July 2018 in Santo Domingo, as well as the 130th anniversary logo, closely linked creatively to the new identity.