a! Diseño

We created a new brand identity for a! Diseño, Mexico’s leading design magazine, on the occasion of its 25th anniversary

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“a!” is the first letter that comes to mind when we talk about design in Mexico. a! Diseño is the magazine that for 25 years has been promoting design with articles, prizes, conferences, courses and events all aimed at designers of every type. 

This is the first such specialized magazine in the country. The editors quickly discovered that not only could they feature world renowned designers in their pages but they could also invite them to Mexico and ask them to participate in the first design conference, subsequently an annual event. Then the Premio a! design awards was launched with the objective of not just uniting designers from all different specialities but also promoting design in Mexico. Every year the award is hotly contended by graphic, industrial, interiors and fashion designers as well as graphic artists, photographers and marketers. The magazine’s field of influence today extends way beyond borders and reaches out to all of Latin America. 

The vocation of this magazine, both academic and professional, can be said to have many different layers. It was clear that to redesign its identity we had to express precisely that fact. The iconic letter “a” with its exclamation mark was the visual starting point for us and our idea was to conceptualize the layers, fusing the different areas with transparent colours to represent each interpretation of “a!”. The digital aspect is of equal importance; the layers also recognize the universe of digital and other publishing platforms that a! uses (printed, digital, social media, etc.).  The result is an “a!” that is multidimensional, in perpetual motion with the layers of colour changing according to its application.

a! Diseño as a brand needs to be very versatile to be able to present the different styles and trends in the world of design, from Mexico and abroad. It needs to represent and communicate all the forms, colours and styles; for this reason, the “a!” is close, then distant, it adapts and then changes like a chameleon, but it’s always there, up front and synonymous with design in Mexico.