Publicidad Virtual

Advertising production company pioneer in Mexico in the world of virtual advertising in live football games.

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Mexican company Publicidad Virtual is a pioneer in the world of virtual advertising for television. It specializes in the development of new creative concepts, specifically for football matches, using the latest in 3D technology. They have made it possible also for advertising to be shown without a break during a live broadcast. Their insertions are seen not just in Mexico but also in the US, Canada, Spain and Japan, amongst other places. They also offer traditional advertising options, thanks to their contracts with the most important clubs in the Mexican football league.

For the renovation of their corporate identity Ideograma turned to a simple object that has the virtue of perfectly encapsulating Publicidad Virtual’s offer: a marble. The slogan reinforces the same principal, that ideas, often lost and forgotten, are trapped in tangible form inside the marble: Cristalizamos tus ideas (we crystallize your ideas).  Every marble has a different coloured interior; no two are alike, just like the solutions the company offers to its clients. In some of the materials real marbles are incorporated, creating a direct link to the identity. 

The marbles change colour depending on their communication function, their diversity reflecting the technological possibilities. The colour palette is related to the colours of the marbles, with the predominant colour being chosen for a specific application. 

In essence, we gave new meaning to a common object usually related to fun and games by converting it into the source for creative messages and ideas, connected to unique and specific technological solutions.