We redesigned this menswear brand for casual, sport and formal fashion.

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JBE is the menswear brand for men who follow fashion and want to dress well for any casual, sporting or formal occasion. The name JBE is inspired by the founder of Mexican department store Liverpool, Jean Baptiste Ebrard, who as an adventurous entrepreneur started his business selling fashion items, sent from the port of Liverpool to Mexico, hence the name of the store today.  

For this reason the visual language is based on the delicate lines of a map. Not only marking out the international world of imports and exports, but also invoking the lines a tailor marks out on the cloth before turning it into a perfect suit: tailor-made and stylish, made for a man of the world, who is global, contemporary, formal, well travelled and well read, experienced… A connoisseur. 

The logo is centered on the initials JBE; their typographic quality takes us back to the labels pasted on to old-fashioned packing boxes used for shipment. The letters are traced in Archer, a typeface patinated with a modern American style, designed by Hoefler /Frere-Jones. The orange tone of the letters contrasts perfectly on either an elegant black background or a textured wood effect. In the official signature, the brand is always shown accompanied by the full name. 

The formal personality of this brand is that of a successful man in every aspect: elegant and individual, with body language, gestures and even the photographic style used to great effect, to describe the character and fashion style of JBE.