That's It!

A graphic identity for a fashion label that offers great looks for any time of day.

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That’s It! is a fashion brand for women, with an extension of the range to include men, adolescents and children. It offers fashionable clothes for every moment of the day: from casual, for going out during the day, to looking great at night. 

Sold exclusively in Mexican department store Liverpool, this label was redesigned in its entirety by an international group of fashion specialists from France, the United Kingdom and Mexico. The aim was to relaunch the brand with a new positioning directed at the target market.

The result is a brand that is not just modern and casual but also different, honest, optimistic, respectful, self indulgent and daring. Based on the name – in English it refers to that eureka moment – Ideograma has made the brand more contemporary and modern, introducing a range of colours and playing with the messages: That’s Cool, That’s Fun, That’s Attractive, That’s Stylish, That’s Sexy, etc.

The project included designing a whole range of labels, and as shown here, they give a vitality to the brand. We also created a whole glossary of adjectives to distinguish the different categories and moments. 
As part of the visual language, the photographic style is very specific: the types of models, their postures and attitudes, and of course their clothes.