Inicia Education

An investment fund designed to impact sustainable development in the Dominican Republic

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Inicia is a well established asset management company that decided to create a social investment fund with the long term aim of improving education in the Dominican Republic; a way to take an active part in creating value for the future. Originally this fund was managed by Inicia Foundation. However, the word “foundation” did not correctly reflect the firm’s experience, management ability or influence. For this reason, Ideograma recommended changing the name to Inicia Education and renewing the identity to reflect the evolution of the Inicia brand. 

The new identity is inspired by the celestial sphere, with three stars that emerge from the letter “I”. The gold star symbolizes the way forward, the red refers to financial expertise and the orange star represents the academic environment. The lines that join the stars together encompass an idea of the paths uniting the actors and talents of the projects. The night sky lends itself to retaining Inicia’s gold and black colours. The applications indicate different stars in the heavens: the milestones and values required by such a large company.

Inicia Education firmly believes in a social policy for education that will transcend generations. A country that is better educated raises levels of gender equality, of institutionalism, stability and socio-economic development.