A consultancy focussed on developing the potential of small and medium sized businesses

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Tesselar is the name of a Mexican consultancy focussed on providing technological solutions for business management issues. This new company was born from the more than 30 years of experience and knowhow of its sister company: CompuSoluciones. 

The name, derived from a combination of the Spanish verb “teselar” and the English “to tessellate”, refers to the covering  of a surface with a pattern of flat shapes in such a way that they all fit together perfectly. This is a direct reference to the talent involved in incorporating all the different elements of a company’s organizational culture, using expertise, proven methodologies and processes of interrelation to assemble them precisely.  

The symbol in this corporate identity is modular and flexible. In its assembled form it represents the commitment of Tesselar to the development of strong business ecosystems. In its unfolded state, it consists of teselas, or tiles, that represent the individual aspects and solutions that integrate the company.

The colours used in this identity lend an air of elegance, youth and harmony. The contrast between the purple, blue and light green gives it a touch of freshness and simplicity. 

Tesselar is the technology that develops the potential of any small or medium sized business.