Banco BHD León

An elegant and modern brand designed for the union of two leading banks in the Dominican Republic

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Our relationship with Banco BHD dates back to 2003 when we created the bank’s new corporate identity. In 2015 we were consulted again as BHD was about to begin a new stage in its history and needed a new identity to reflect the fusion of two important banks in the Dominican Republic: BHD and León. 

Banco BHD has a reputation for its moral and economic solvency, operating always with honesty, integrity and professionalism. Its reputation is based on its socially oriented approach, not just through supporting good causes but also by promoting values and principles underlying Dominican society. 

The impeccable trajectory and the ample experience of these two banks have now come together to create a new financial institution that inspires, supports and helps bring about change for the good in the Dominican Republic.

Today, Banco BHD León is one of the leading financial institutions in the country. Its new identity combines the founding values of both banks that share a similar unique focus in supporting the economic and social development of the Dominicans. 

The new elegant, modern symbol reflects the integrity of a financial institution that is both solid and inclusive. In homage to Banco León we included the colour red in the symbol; the three colours blue, green and red represent, therefore, the alliance between the bank, its customers and their dreams. This symbol is now more realistic and contemporary in feel, particularly due to the three dimensional treatment that we have given the identity. This has permitted the development of a dynamic visual language, with great personality, as well as a personalized and inclusive communication style.