Lumed: telemedicine system

Corporate image and name created for an innovative telemedicine system operating in Mexico.

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Ideograma worked closely with the developers of a new and competitive telemedecine system, today known as Lumed.

Based on cutting edge technology Lumed needed not just a name but also a corporate image worthy of such an innovative system. Lumed essentially provides a connection between the specialist consultant and those doctors who - despite their geographical location - have access to a system that expands their medical knowledge whenever necessary so that they may attend their patients better.

Ideograma created the name Lumed in recognition of the doctor (in Spanish, “médico”) as an expert, someone who  “sheds light” on the patient (from the Spanish word “luz” meaning “light”), speaking knowledgeably about his complaint, as well as giving him a positive prognosis for regaining good health. 

The graphic design is full of meaning. The two hands are closely interconnected and refer to the communication that is enabled by the device between doctors. The closeness of the hands evokes cooperation and a partnership between doctors and patients, technology and Man. The parallel lines in the symbol are a subtle reference to the world of technology, circuits, links and connections.

The bright colour range selected for this identity system includes tones of blue, green and turquoise. Used in combination, these modern colours express dynamism, liveliness and vitality. 

A large variety of icons form an important element of the visual language developed for this brand. They illustrate different terms, enabling easy and clear understanding of the concepts.