iögo: the yogurt brand

Yogurt brand iögo - with an identity created by Ideograma in Montreal - has become synonymous with quality, natural products nationwide in Canada.

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Ideograma was part of the design and creative team that created iögo, a new brand that burst into supermarkets like a yogurt superhero. However, its creation was no miracle of fate. It was the result of planning, hard work and good design.

For more than 40 years, Ultima Foods created yogurts for the Canadian market using a variety of brands, but in 2011 it decided to begin a new chapter in the dairy aisle. 

The company already had the elements in place to become an instant force in the production and sale of delicious yogurts. What it needed was an identity to highlight its strengths. Ideograma Identité worked as part of the team of experts that would create that identity now known to all patrons of Canadian supermarkets.

The Montreal-based consultancy Cohésion spearheaded the branding project, bringing Ideograma to the table as one of the voices in the creation of a name for Ultima’s new family of yogurts. The invention of the name “iögo” garnered such instant enthusiasm that initial advertising campaigns were built around it. Iögo was the “new way to say yogurt.”

Our logo was key also to the warm welcome the new brand received from consumers. It uses a combination of upper and lower case letters that communicate a modern feel and a young outlook. It is also serious enough to back claims that this yogurt was a truly natural one, free of ingredients like gelatine, preservatives, artificial colours or flavours. As for the umlaut over “o”, it both suggested a cosmopolitan flavour and became a useful element for playful advertising campaigns.

Finally, there were the elements we developed for the rest of the visual language of the identity. Iögo arrived on store shelves with seven different lines: iögo, 0%, Probio, Greko, Nomad, Zip and Nano. For each of those, we created identity elements to accompany the name and bring a cheery clarity to each product. Though the task was big, the payoff was worth it. Business experts joined consumers in applauding the birth of a new yogurt hero.