Aprecia Financiera

Financial services company, motivated by a strong sense of social responsability

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This financial institution based in Puebla, Mexico, is motivated by a strong sense of social responsibility. It specializes in providing loans to public sector employees in lower income occupations, and it needed a new name and identity. Originally known as Fomepade it has now been re-launched as Aprecia Financiera.

Aprecia, from the verb to appreciate, is an empathic, positive and easy to remember name. As a verb, it is also a call to action for the company’s employees and an affirmation of its values and promise towards its customers. It is a name and a slogan, it has the potential to be used in any message, forming part of short colloquial phrases such as: Appreciate your quality of life; Appreciate your workers; Appreciate your effort; Appreciate your income, your work, your family…

The graphic solution is simple and ground-breaking for this market sector, where few options and little support are available in terms of credits. The symbol features a guiding star that opens a door inviting people to discover what’s inside and how to improve their lives. The way forward is shown clearly through the ascending steps to the door. We chose bright colours for this symbol to project life, hope and happiness. In addition, the typography was selected for its soft features echoing the bright, friendly and inspirational star symbol.

We were delighted that this brand was nominated as a finalist in the Brandemia Prizes 2014 (brandemia.org) in the category Best Brand created in Spain and Latin America.