Bicentenary 2010

A unique graphic design idea for two pivotal anniversaries: 200 years since the Independence of Mexico and 100 years since the Mexican Revolution.

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Together with various other leading designers we were invited to participate in the competition, officially called: Bicentenario de la Independencia - Centenario de la Revolución. We presented the design that ultimately won; our aim was to generate a graphic symbol that would serve to communicate history, novelty, diversity and unity, within the framework of the double commemoration. 

The competition required a deep understanding of Mexico, related to its past, as well as its present and future. “For the Mexico that we were. For the Mexico that we are. For the Mexico that we can be” was the general concept expressed in the work plan. 

Given the great difficulty in expressing so many elements in one symbol, especially because of the polysemic nature of these two celebrations, our principal idea for the identity was centred on the dates, in such a way that the 200 and the 100 could be interpreted graphically within the year 2010 (a fantastic coincidence if ever there was one!). The union of the duplicated zeros, like 2 rings or alliances, became the visual leitmotiv that represents the echo of history, which speaks of the past, the present and the future. As for the colours, the gold represents Independence and silver the Revolution. 

We selected the typeface Andralis for this project, designed by the Argentinian typographer Rubén Fontana. It has classical overtones yet breaks with convention, reflecting the rupture caused by both events. We invited Rubén to review the modifications that we had made, not only out of respect for his work but also to celebrate his participation, symbolically speaking, in this very Mexican anniversary. The detail of including the work of an Argentinian gave us the sensation of celebrating with all of Latin America, with the movement for independence that reverberated around the whole region at the time.

From 2009 the logo was visible principally as a road sign all over Mexico, when the major roads around the country were declared part of Ruta 2010. It was then rolled out further during 2010, not just on signage but also on banknotes, coins, posters, banners, flags, on the Internet and in many other applications.