Backed by Fiesta Inn, Gamma is a group of independent hotels identified by a single flexible brand.

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This alliance of hotels launched in 2014 is endorsed by a well known hotel chain in Mexico, Fiesta Inn, owned by Grupo Posadas. For each franchisee, the advantage of forming part of Gamma is getting access to the Posadas experience and knowhow, thus improving their value and offer. As a result, each maintains its independence, high quality and personalized attention as usual, added to which is valuable access to the reservation system and accessible tariffs of Fiesta Inn. 

The name Gamma, which comes from the Greek, means gradation or scale, particularly in relation to music and colours. In line with this, there are five versions of a symbol with different textures in black, each defining the personality of the different categories of Gamma hotels: colonial, beach, city, Fiesta Americana (sister hotel to Fiesta Inn), and one other as reserve. A range of pastel tones in the colour palette rounds off the idea and helps to relate each one to the destination type. 

The brand architecture had to be powerful, given the evident disparity between architectural styles and locations that were necessary to depict under the Gamma brand name. The graphic style is created through the decorative textures and the secondary architectural elements. To these are added colours and other resources that generate a cohesive feeling linking the diversity of the hotels that the guest is likely to find.