A name and a symbol that germinate together, thanks to the synergy and union of the companies it represents.

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Gentera is the result of the need to create a holding company for the group of companies linked to Compartamos Banco: Yastás, Aterna and the international operations in Peru and Guatemala.

The brand architecture supports the idea of one family of companies, taking care not to confuse the distinct business areas, and capitalizing on the prestige already established by Compartamos and the essence of its origins.

Gentera is a name that was created from and inspired by various different words, such as gente (people), gen (gene), generar (to generate), era (era) and entera (entire). It is positioned as a group where the founding principles form the basis of the corporate credo centred on the wellbeing of the person, with a clear mission to work towards the erradication of financial exclusion in Mexico. Gentera as a holding company is also responsible for the management, expansion and communication regarding its companies.

The corporate identity for Gentera was created taking elements from each of the three existing brands and turning them into a new symbol. We used a fish from Compartamos Banco (microfinances), a star from Aterna (microinsurance) and the humming bird from Yastás (bank transaction network). The union of colours and forms gave rise to a new symbol full of meaning: a seed, the basis for the institution’s philosophy and code of ethics; a flame, which symbolizes the spirit that guides the company; and a flower, embodying the group’s achievements in local communities.

Ideograma also colloborated in the application of the identity in the new corporate office spaces, both interiors and exteriors.

Gentera is a space where social, economic and human values co-exist, proof of how they can live and thrive together.