An innovative concept for a sports club that is concerned with the health of the whole family.

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In 2010 a new sports facility was launched in Mexico City, an urban club with a difference, a new option in the city offering a completely new concept. C+ is a club for everyone, with accessible prices, professionals and programs focused on achieving the objectives of the whole family: looking after their health and improving their wellbeing. 

We decided to create something very original, based on our investigation of the market and the target audience, i.e. the family.

We created a logo that plays with two concepts: a carrot, in relation to the idea of self-motivation which is something that everyone needs, and a play button, such as you see on any electronic device, both of which invite you to get into action.

The visual language is a trail of citrous colours that transmit warmth and friendliness, creating a healthy environment that is the basis of the club’s state-of-the-art facilities.

The name lends itself to a specific reading in Spanish, to be more. The letter C can be interpreted to read  in Spanish (be in English), and the + sign is obviously interpreted as more. So we used this to great effect in the motivational key messages: C+fuerte (be more strong), C+flexible (be more flexible), C+saludable (be more healthy), and so on. The name lends itself to multiple interpretations.

The slogan alcanza tu reto is meet your challenge or reach your goal and complements perfectly the identity. It invites you to do more, make more effort, achieve more and, above all, to be more (C+).