Addenda Capital

A brand with a focus on investment strategies that communicates specialization and reputation.

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Addenda Capital is an investment management firm that provides solutions for institutional clients with a high net worth. Their main offices are in Montreal, and they also operate in Toronto, Regina and Guelph, in Canada.

The identity is made up of two parts, the + sign and the name Addenda Capital. In spite of, or because of, its simplicity the + sign permits the use of messages consistent with the brand, such as added value, growth, the power of teams, positive thinking, focused investment strategies, etc. The + sign also resembles a target, representing the firm’s highly focused approach to investment strategies. At the same time, it reinforces the name Addenda which, in Latin, means something added. In conjunction with the word Capital the name therefore shows faith in the future and in the construction of a solid relationship with its clients.

The firm’s investment solutions are organized in four asset classes:
+ bonds
+ equities
+ commercial mortgages, and
+ specialized and alternative strategies.

Addenda Capital’s promise is to achieve the best possible value for their clients, not just through returns but also by being the best advisor.