CompuSoluciones, the most creative and innovative IT solutions company in Mexico.

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CompuSoluciones was our very first project; their corporate identity was launched in 1999. This company has experienced spectacular growth since then and received a number of distinctions, among them Empresa Socialmente Responsable, Great Place to Work and, since 2013, they are number 2 in the ranking of Mexican Super Companies organized by the leading Mexican business magazine Expansión.

The interlinked rings that form the symbol of their identity represent the integration of IT solutions in business strategies. Based on their own corporate values and working closely with leading hardware companies (Apple, HP, IBM, Oracle, ShoreTel) and software companies (Autodesk, Citrix, Microsoft, Oracle, SAP, among others) they do business in 31 states in Mexico via a network of more than a thousand business associates.

This sophisticated network is perfectly represented by the rings, the symbol that originally identified the four business areas of the company and which today are still valid despite the company’s obvious evolution. They represent today the dexterity and skill which which it has maintained its innovative business model as well as its position as leader of the IT solutions market in Latin American for the last nine years.

CompuSoluciones has used the rings in all its communications material, both internally and externally. The company culture is sufficiently dynamic, innovative and flexible to transcend the idea of a traditional concept of a logo, turning it instead into a highly efficient identity system.