An ascending bar graph is the identity for Grupo Bursátil Mexicano; the visual language based on extraordinary Mexican handicrafts

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GBM needed to communicate a message: 30 years of business with a surprisingly good track record, a proven method of analysis and the capacity to serve new emerging markets. 

The name of the company is accommodated vertically, as an ascending bar graph, a logical idea for talking of growth, as well as simulating a sort of ladder where investors ascend step by step towards the summit. The typeface was especially created for GBM.

The finely crafted alebrijes are recognized all over the world for their artwork, imagination and use of colours. Each animal reflects a particular GBM value, in relation to the company’s organizational culture, its personality, the products and services it provides. This is precisely what distinguishes GBM.

A series of exquisite photos of the alebrijes, of the process of their elaboration in all its finest detail, constitute the unique visual language that contrasts with the serious and conservative tone of the corporate identity. The textures of the artwork painted on to the animals are simplified for use in materials, and they remind us of the designs used traditionally for security purposes in all financial and legal communications. The slogan “our best values” has a double meaning in Spanish: the mercado de valores, or securities market, and the human values on which GBM is founded.