An IT ecosystem that benefits thousands of clients and users of communication and information platforms.

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redIT is a leading company specialized in providing technology platforms for businesses to operate critical functions in latest generation data centres, offering fibre optic networks and other services administered via an IT infrastructure.

En 2010 Ideograma created the name and brand for a new company that would bring together under one name a group of sister companies: Metronet, Xertix, Diveo and Castle Access. As the company became more international we were asked to carry out a brand audit in 2013. At the same time they launched the most innovative databank in Latin America and named it redIT.DataPark. As a result we updated their positioning and created a new visual narrative style. 

The tagline the IT ecosystem can be modified by using different verbs that describe the different areas of business, for example, connecting, managing, securing, integrating…  

redIT.DataPark was launched in 2013 with a new visual language that features points or dots that pay homage to digital technology, or knowledge data, essential to making our life possible in our companies and cities.

In 2014 redIT was acquired by Kio Networks.