A friendly payment network that offers access to financial services: You arrive, you pay and off you go!

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We worked closely with Gentera to create the name and identity for this innovative payment network. The service, operated through a network of small shops, makes it possible for anyone to carry out financial operations, pay services, recharge cell phones, etc. Yastás has therefore created access for anyone to financial services, dignifying and empowering people who live in the most remote and inaccessible parts of the country, thus bringing financial inclusion closer to thousands of people who have never had this opportunity before.

The name is an abbreviation of two words in Spanish, Ya estás, which means something similar to There you go or All done. In other words, it’s done, ready, finished, completed, almost immediately. The identity that we devised is based on the receipt that the customer receives, which resembles the letter Y as well as a humming bird. This astonishing bird is native to Mexico and symbolizes agility and rapidity. The brand completely reflects the value offered to the target market: a service that saves time and offers security for all financial transactions. 

In short, it is an identity that represents Yastás, an electronic network of easy to operate terminals that supports social and economic progress in a simple, fast and safe way, where you go, pay and then off you go!