Compartamos Banco

A school of fish represents the importance of working together as a community, for this bank specialized in microfinance.

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Having taken the decision to change their corporate identity, particularly as they needed to consolidate their position as the leading microfinance bank in Mexico, Compartamos consulted Ideograma in 2007.

Banco Compartamos was their name; we suggested inverting the words to make it Compartamos Banco. In Spanish it makes sense; compartamos means we share. In terms of design our challenge was to make this financial institution as different as possible. We used the novel idea of a school of fish (in Spanish, a bank of fish) to represent them, a metaphor for the teamwork, union and collaboration for which Compartamos is known for. The warm colours we chose are very Mexican and appeal to the mostly female clientele.

Today, Compartamos Banco is known as the bank of fishes; its branches are easily identifiable, especially due to the dominant use of the colour magenta.