September 27, 2016

Ideograma launches a site for the creation of brand books:

It’s now so easy to upload your brand books on line, safe and accessible in the cloud

In early September we officially launched an online platform called, after trying it out very successfully on our clients over the past year. We created this new site with the specific aim to improve the efficiency and administration of corporate identity projects, particularly for designers and clients who need to have easy access to files and guidelines on the correct use of their brands and logos. It’s a slow and laborious process creating a brand book, especially when there are so many updates and corrections. Now with it is much easier to upload information and files. In fact, it’s possible to create and upload a whole manual in just a few hours. What’s more, when files need updating it’s easy to do and immediately accessible to all users. 

The platform enables designers to upload files into the cloud, with texts, descriptions, icons and guidelines, which are then shared with clients and suppliers through strictly controlled access. These tools make it really easy and quick to locate files, which are available 24/7 and accessible from any computer, tablet or mobile phone. 

This site is the result of two years collaboration with our friend and client CompuSoluciones here in Mexico. We aim to constantly update and improve the site, using the latest in technology to guide us through the complex world of corporate brands. As pioneers we invite our users to work with us to improve the site and make it the best tool in Latin America for designers involved in the creation of corporate brands. 

Try it out: Soon we hope to have it up and running in English too. 
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