September 24, 2014

Juan-Carlos Fernandez, Entrepreneur of the Year 2014

Awarded by the Latinamerican Chamber of Commerce in Quebec (CCLaQ) as part of their annual event Gala des Amériques

For Juan-Carlos Fernandez, founder of Ideograma in Mexico and Ideograma Identité in Montreal, Quebec, today is a great day. Last night, he took part in the Gala des Amériques, event organized by the Latin American Chamber of Commerce of Quebec (known as CCLaQ), representing Ideograma as one of the Latin American companies to be nominated for the Entrepreneur’s Prize 2014. 

Juan-Carlos was surprised, thrilled and delighted to receive the Entrepreneur of the Year award! 

Not only is Juan-Carlos celebrating this achievement this morning but all of us here in Cuernavaca are doing the same, “I am so astonished to receive this prize but also really pleased, and I share it with the whole team. I thank my friends at TechBA and Innocentre who have supported us right from the start, thank you for nominating me!”

Congratulations Juan Carlos!!!!!