August 3, 2015

How design can change the world

A new book which shows us how design can improve the future

“Design is improving the future, it’s understanding the way of things and bringing them to fruition, whether we’re talking about business, marketing, or society and culture. .. It’s also knowing how to assess from new perspectives. When I spoke to David about Latin America it was clear that he feels our energy as much as he does our sensitivity... He invites us to look inside ourselves and find ways to improve everything: corporations, organizations, the environment, education, culture, traditions, innovation, nutrition…”

These are words composed by our creative director, Juan-Carlos Fernandez, who has written the preamble to a marvellous book about design by David Berman, an expert in design thinking, recently published in Mexico.

The title of the book is Do good (designing), how design can change the world.