February 23, 2015

Celebrating our 16th anniversary

We celebrate our anniversary every year. This time we dedicated a day to culture, design and a visit to the Ecological Reserve on the UNAM campus.

We celebrated our 16th anniversary a few days early this year. We spent the day visiting the Espacio Escultórico on the National University (UNAM) campus in Mexico City. This extraordinary space consists of a circular base formed by 64 triangular prisms in the middle of which is a sea of petrified ancient lava. We were inspired by the connection with nature, culture and history.  

We also visited an excellent exhibition, Coming and Going: urban icons by Lance Wyman, held at the Contemporary Art Museum (MUAC), also on the UNAM campus. Lance Wyman is responsible for some of the most famous marks in Mexico, including the Olympic Games of 1968, the Central de Abasto market, the Camino Real Hotels, the Metro in Mexico City, just to mention a few.

We were very grateful for the excellent attention provided by the guides who accompanied us on our visit (Visitas Guiadas CU UNAM).