Design as business strategy and inspiration for innovation

—Rosalind Pearson

It’s not new to say that design-led companies are those that stand out in the market, beat their competitors and understand that design is what makes them different. However, there are many more companies that still do not appreciate how design can contribute to their business.

Design thinking is a concept that directors and business people need to understand with greater clarity. Knowing how to identify those opportunities where design can motivate innovation, or help to define business strategies, or be seen as the means to arrive at a solution for any kind of problem, is key to business survival, today more than ever. Design plays an important role not just in businesses but also at every level of society: in education, in industry, in healthcare services, in government, in everything. 

The big challenge is to allow design to permeate society and we believe that it is through business using design that it may be possible to create a greater awareness of its value. Once organizations and institutions begin to invest in design it is more than likely that this will result in its application in all levels of society.

For those people thinking about changing or redesigning their brand, for example, the process should always begin with a question: how can we organize our company in a better and more innovative way in order to create a more coherent and more valuable business?

There are no short cuts to real solutions. Redesigning an identity doesn’t just mean you change a colour o move a line; it’s actually the perfect moment to challenge the company’s philosophy, question the positioning, mission, vision and values, and realize that the company is not the same as it was 10 or 15 years ago. A change of identity is necessary to reflect what it is today, and how it will be tomorrow. 

Design-led companies are those that are admired by their customers, respected by the media and considered models of reference for other organizations. In fact, design brings about change within a company; it is also the key resource for rethinking the business strategy. Companies like Apple, Nike and Starbucks, or Compartamos Banco, Volaris and Banco BHD León, to mention a few, clearly believe in the power of design; they are at the forefront of innovation in their markets. They are recognized as high value brands that satisfy their clients’ needs and are leaders in their sectors. They are inspirational brands, that relate easily to their clients and audiences, creating unique experiences and enabling communication at all levels. 

Those companies that are considering allowing design to enter their business equation for the first time have to open themselves up to new ideas and opportunities, to abandon their comfort zones and to allow themselves to imagine what good design and innovation can do for their business. The results will be surprising. 

Rosalind Pearson

Communications and public relations consultant

English by nature, adapted to and adopted by Mexico, she is decisive, realistic, punctual and warm-hearted, cultivating conversations with clients, designers, friends, academics and the media. Rosalind is our environmental conscience.

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