The value of public relations

—Rosalind Pearson

For launching a new corporate identity, or keeping direct and close contact with target audiences, communicating focussed messages, guaranteeing a positive impact in the media (online, in print and digital), or for establishing or improving corporate reputation… these are just some of the reasons why a programme of public relations is an option for any company that wishes to create a resounding presence in the market place.

Public relations (PR) activities should ideally form part of an integrated communications programme for an organization, which manage the same key messages and objectives as the other agencies working for the company, in terms of advertising, sales promotion, marketing, etc.
There are many services offered by PR agencies in support of both internal and external communication, but two are of particular importance for any company. The first is media training, designed for spokespersons, and which involves learning how best to manage an interview, how to respond to questions, how to ensure including the key messages in replies, and to be completely able to create a positive impact for the company. The second is crisis management, a fundamental necessity for protecting the good reputation of the company.
In Mexico the PR industry is growing and is becoming considered by more and more companies as a vital tool to establish and improve corporate reputation based on what you do and what you say. At the same time, PR influences what others say about you; it is the discipline that protects reputation, influences opinion and audience behaviour. It also guarantees a continual and positive discourse between organisations and their audiences.
PR is key for any industry, and with a new corporate identity an organization will have an important and unique opportunity to communicate specific information about its operation and philosophy; through PR activities handling the media in all its forms is efficient and successful.  A good PR agency understands the importance of communicating the right messages to the target audiences, specifically with the aim of helping the company to stand out in a world of intense competition. 

Rosalind Pearson

Communications and public relations consultant

English by nature, adapted to and adopted by Mexico, she is decisive, realistic, punctual and warm-hearted, cultivating conversations with clients, designers, friends, academics and the media. Rosalind is our environmental conscience.

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